Top 5 paid games for android in 2019

In our days, games are becoming a very powerful industry throughout every device from mobiles to PC and even consols, so in this article, I will give 5 amazing games that you can buy if you use an android device.


1- Stardew Valley

price: 7.99$





I am sure that you haven’t heard anyone said that have played this game but if you go and check google play store you will find that’s this game is the number one.
It is simply a farming simulator game so you will be a farmer and have a lot of work to do, planting, harvesting, feed the chickens …etc. Besides that, you can go fishing and other interesting things and of course, you can contact with other farmers to have friends and believe it or not, you can get married inside the game (not with your game friends, but with characters inside the game).
If you like this game you can click here to download it.


2- The room series

price: 0.99$/0.99$/3.99$





This is not a one-game but 3 games, The Room, The Room Two, and The Room Three. This a puzzle game where you should solve riddles to know the secrets of each room. This game has a very good quality 3D graphics and it is a very hard game so you should pay attention to every detail to finish the game.
If you like this any game of the three games,  you can click on the names of the games to download them.


3- Minecraft

Price: 6.99$





This is a very popular game all over the world. In this game, you should do many things to survive including mining, farming, fighting bad guys and monsters, building your own home …etc and many other interesting things. As you see in the photos that this game is pixelated, actually it was designed in that way so don’t be surprised. If you like this game you can click here to download it.


4- Mini Metro

Price: 4.99$





In this game, your goal is to set up a metro network to connect the different places inside the city. Of course, there are many famous cities like New York, London, Montreal …etc and many more and the will be unlocked when you reach each city’s goal. If you like this game you can click here to download it.


5- Need for Speed: Most Wanted

Price: 4.99$





Can anyone tell me that he has never played a need for speed game before? I guess no one can do that because this game series is considered ob of the best grace game ever built and now you can play it on mobile phones. It contains many different cars and a lot of maps. The graphics are incredibly good. If you like race cars this is for you. If you like this game you can click here to download it.


And finally, if you have any suggestions to make this list better please let me know in the comments below.